In a day and age where there never seems to be enough time, Yangs Asian Entrees make meal time just a little easier for even the busiest schedule. With a trio of authentic offerings – Mandarin Orange Chicken, BBQ Teriyaki Chicken, and Edamame Kung Pao Chicken – you can have a crowd pleasing dinner ready in less than a half hour.

Yangs Asian Entrees are easy to prepare – Just Heat and Eat! Our products do not contain MSG, artificial flavors or colors, have no lard and are zero trans fat. We only use whole muscle meat from chickens grown right here in the USA and everything is prepared just like it would be done in a restaurant. All entrees are fully cooked and individually quick frozen for easy preparation while maintaining freshness and taste.

Serve over white or brown rice along side your favorite vegetable. Each package serves 3-4 people.